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The biggest headache in choosing a stag destination can be pleasing all the people on the trip and pandering to their needs. But no matter how diverse your group of mates, there is no one that Barcelona doesn’t have covered. So take your pals there and expect to earn their props.

For this is a city known to de–cynic the cynic; get the tight–wad spending; the clean–living partying; and the shy having random adventures with strangers all around the city.

And let’s not to forget those who are already up for it – who can expect a truly epic blow out right across the board.

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Stag activities in Barcelona

From football related follies and classic boozy pastimes to activities you can only do in Barcelona, here’s a few stag do ideas to get you started.

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    Barcelona Stags

    Barcelona has smart, stylish, hi-tech hotels which don’t charge the silly money - with double rooms starting at around £110 per night.

    There's also all manner of apartments and other types of accommodation. The city is known for options that are cool or quirky; modern or period; luxurious or cheap. And you can get set up inside a larger space if you want to keep the stag group together under one roof.

    You’ll also find some seriously sexy, high-end hotels - with the clientele to match. But even if you can’t afford to stay there, you can at least hit up their bars. And if the single blokes amongst you have game, these are the places to bring it to the beautiful people around you.

    Need some pointers? Whether you’re working with a shoestring budget or money is no object, check out the following ace options for a Barcelona stag do.

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