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and why we’re on a mission to make group holidays happen, and keep happening
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Overwhelmed with options?

How it all began

Overwhelmed with options?

Our founders, Jasper and Tom got to know each other working together in London in 2017. During their daily commute and a few (overly competitive) lunch‐break squash games, they realised they had the same gripes with organising holidays.

Both found it near impossible to find time to arrange a holiday with their mates. Neither were willing to spend hours researching online or visit a high street travel agent. It meant that trips either didn’t happen, or didn’t quite live up to expectations. Surely they couldn’t be the only ones?

Overwhelmed with options?Overwhelmed with options?

Tom realised that even the ultra busy find time for chatting on WhatsApp or Facebook so why not speak to a travel agent in the same way? The initial concept for packed was born and before long he had a rough business plan...

"Tom handed me his laptop at Waterloo and said, "You’ve got until Clapham Junction to read this business plan." It was the bare bones but five minutes later I was sold." Jasper

In private, they began working on the idea. They spent evenings and weekends on the side of their 9‐5 (or more like 8‐7), seeing what they could build and how it might work. In September 2017 they told their boss, and they were fired. MySwft was launched (yes, we really did call it that originally 🤦‍♂️).

Founders Tom and Jasper

packed (MySwft at the time) started with ski trips and it was all a little basic! We threw together a simple website, rinsed Tom’s book of contacts from the ski industry and started helping people get to the slopes. Not long after, we were handling holidays for all types of groups ‐ city breaks, summer holidays, stag weekends, hen dos, and corporate trips. While there’s still plenty of work to do, we’ve already made massive improvements on how people book group holidays.

Now things are more refined, and continue to get better as we work hard to make the best experience for you that we can. With that in mind, we launched our trip planning app in 2019...

Our app helps you get a group together and decide what to do. Sidestep chaotic WhatsApp groups and email chains and get everyone’s views on all the important stuff (dates, destinations, colour of the rental car, whatever you like). You end up with a clear picture of what everyone wants to do. If needed, you can still chat in the app, but we’ve kept it separate so those priceless memes and GIFs don’t get in the way of your holiday.

Plan in place, you can either chat with us to get everything sorted quickly and easily, or do all the legwork yourself ‐ flights, transfers, accommodation, snore, snore.

We’re hoping you choose the former, chat soon.

Why thousands of customers love packed

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