Say hello to packed

My Swft, Myswift, MySwft (I think that's right?) is going, forever
The old MySwft logo and the new packed logo The old MySwft logo and the new packed logo
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Why change?

It was clear for a while that MySwft needed to change. We're working hard to make booking great group holidays easier, and our name should reflect that. So you can forget MySwft and its silly spelling, and say hello to packed.

We're also upgrading the website to make it faster and easier to navigate. Over the next year we'll be adding more and more to the site - "how-to"s, "best-of"s and more top travel tips to help you make the most of your time off.

We're still here in WhatsApp & Messenger, ready to send you personalised recommendations and lift the burden that comes with booking great group holidays.

Did you know?

Instagram started off as Burbn. Clearly they realised "Burb it" was never going to work...

Many of our favourite brands have changed their names over the years. You'll never believe what used to be called BackRub...

It's time for a change.

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