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The benefits & challenges of planning a community trip

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Fitness has forever been at the forefront of our founding members’ minds (a regular rugby player, gym-goer, and a ski club captain) and they understand that it is about far more than just feeling good - but about belonging.

Creating a community that cares is essential to building a fitness business with longevity and there’s no better way than running a regular community trip to grow your membership and bind them to your box.

Often, there are just a few obstacles that stand in the way of gym owners making these trips happen:

  • It’s time-consuming searching for options, working out logistics and sending emails to hotels & providers
  • Collecting payments from members who already pay for sessions is awkward
  • Working out who’s available and gathering travel details can be a nuisance

The final concern is how much a trip will cost the gym. We don’t believe it should cost you anything!

Making things simple

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We founded Packed to make it easier for big groups to travel together. The first step is usually to gauge interest, which our free app makes easy. More on that later.

Once you have a rough idea of numbers, the process is simple:

  • Save time by browsing our suggestions and selecting a shortlist of options. We'll send prices and all the details you need directly to your WhatsApp so you’ll be able to share them around easily and book your favourite, with everyone adding their extras and paying separately.
  • We always price-match with leading providers so the trips never cost your members a penny more than they should (we take our commission from the end providers such as the hotels, transfer companies etc, which is common practice in the travel industry).
  • We save you hours of hard work and our co-branded booking page makes the whole thing easy.
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How can we help?

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What we can do

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We arrange trips to the slopes, the beach and the city, personalising each one of them to your requirements. Trips can include flights, transfers, accommodation and any activities that might tickle your fancy.

So whether you need inspiration for the hippest holiday hotspots or you are dead-set on your destination, have a browse and put together a shortlist.

Why thousands of customers love Packed

Not sure how many to plan for? Try our app

1. Create a trip

Give it a name, add your logo then add a selection of dates, destinations & even budget ranges

2. Invite your members

Get the people that matter involved and voting on their preferences

3. Work out a plan

See everyone’s availability & preferences clearly and in one place

4. Be ready to book

Gather full names, dietary requirements and dates of birth all at the tap of a button

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Hear what our customers have to say

"Used for 27 person work ski trip. The Packed guys were really exceptional – quick to reply, presented a variety of options, worked within our budget, and were super accommodating and helpful when we threw spanners in the works such as adding people, changing round rooms, people doing one leg of the journey, subsidised payments. Also attentive and on call throughout trip!"

Karen Kerrigan, Chief Legal Officer


"Tom and the team helped us book a work trip to New York to celebrate some top performers in the business. The guys sorted a great itinerary out and helped us organise an unforgettable weekend. Can't recommend them highly enough."

Andy Sellers, Co-Founder

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