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Fitness has forever been at the forefront of our founding members' minds (a regular rugby player, a CrossFit competitor, a ski club captain) and they understand that it is about far more than just feeling good - but about belonging. It’s safe to say in sports clubs and communities that strangers at the starting line become best friends by the finish line; friendships are forged that last long after the weekend workout winds down or the competition is complete. This sense of community spirit can spur successes - inside and outside of the gym… or race… or game… and you know that creating it means members (old and new) keep coming back.
And what better way to strengthen squad spirit than to step away from the squat rack or training course and spend time together socially - sipping sangria (or smoothies) pool-side, soaking sore muscles at a spa or bonding over beers by the beach. Whatever floats your team's boat! Great gameplan in theory, we know, but you’d be forgiven for breaking a serious sweat, without lifting a weight, at the colossal challenge of actually organising a community trip overseas.

Community building made simple

Send your community spirit soaring.

Save yourself the stress

Dead-set on dates and destination? No problem, you can chat directly to our travel planners who will do all the heavy lifting on logistics - keeping you in the loop every step of the way. We've even got you covered with collecting (and chasing) cash, providing personal payment plans and individual links for each member to pay up separately. Easy!
We don't abandon you at the airport, we are always on hand to help with activities, whether that's an adrenaline-fuelled fitness class or the best nightlife - our travel planners are at your service. Leaving you to bask in the glory of a gold standard holiday.
Whether you'd like a week away to focus on training, or just need to put your feet up, we can cater to any community. Don't let a busy schedule get in the way of the perfect getaway, chat to Packed and start building community spirit.

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Get the people that matter involved and voting on their preferences

3. Work out a plan

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4. Be ready to book

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Used for 27 person work ski trip. The Packed guys were really exceptional – quick to reply, presented a variety of options, worked within our budget, and were super accommodating and helpful when we threw spanners in the works such as adding people, changing round rooms, people doing one leg of the journey, subsidised payments. Also attentive and on call throughout trip!
Karen Kerrigan, Chief Legal Officer
Tom and the team helped us book a work trip to New York to celebrate some top performers in the business. The guys sorted a great itinerary out and helped us organise an unforgettable weekend. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Andy Sellers, Co-Founder
3Search and 11 Investments

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