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Brand guidelines




What does Packed represent?

Our name represents that pure excitement when you’re ready to go away with your friends. The handover is done, the out-of-office is on, and you’ve got your passport in-hand.

Plus, Packed reflects how important who you travel with is. In the animal kingdom, each individual benefits from being a member of a pack. We feel the same!


To help you create unforgettable experiences with your favourite people


We make it easy for every group, team or club to book unforgettable trips together


A world of endless fun with your favourite people

Understanding the customer

What makes our customers special? What are they looking for?

An unforgettable experience

Customers, colleagues and partners. Everyone should benefit from time spent with packed.


It's not just about unforgettable experiences, it's making them happen in the simplest possible way.

Try new things

We strive to improve the experience by testing new ideas, giving honest feedback and learning.

Operate as a team

Good players make it easier for their teammates to perform at their best.




We're that friend that you need a bit of help from. The whizz in the kitchen when you're hosting a dinner party or the film buff that can always recommend the best thing to watch.

You can trust us to understand what is going to make the holiday just right, start to finish.


Group holidays, handled

Value proposition

Group holidays, handled

We help you plan the best holidays for your group by helping you organise yourselves, find the best options, and book without hassle

Messaging pillars

Fast and stress-free planning

  • Sidestep the chaos of WhatsApp groups and email chains
  • Agree the perfect plan with your group
  • Everything you need for your trip in one place

Tailored and personal experience

  • Quick and unbiased recommendations
  • Carefully selected from a huge range of partners
  • Friendly and responsive Packed planners

Seamless booking

  • Easy separate payments
  • Automated balance reminders
  • Keep track on your group leader page
Social media

Every post is about unforgettable experiences with your favourite people.

Each is designed to be entertaining, interesting, or helpful for your next trip



Our primary and default logo is purple with white font, and used on plain, light coloured backgrounds. The secondary logo is white with transparent font, and is designed for darker or more colourful backgrounds

The icons are for when there is limited space or the full logo is otherwise visible

The logos should be used as displayed above without frames, visual effects, or altered proportions.



R79 G45 B135

C86 M95 Y0 K1


R107 G226 B209

C41 M0 Y20 K0


R71 G73 B97

C75 M66 Y39 K31


R248 G248 B255

C3 M3 Y0 K0

Our primary brand colour is purple, with green used for accents or highlighting as needed.

White text is used when necessary on darker backgrounds, and grey is used for longer copy.


Titles typeface

Rubik Bold is a sans serif font with slightly rounded corners, used primarily used for titles. The font represents the modern, tech approach of the company with a softer, human touch.


abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789([email protected]#$%&.,?:;)

Body typeface

Montserrat is primarily used for body copy. The font should be used in regular weight, with SemiBold for emphasis. Montserrat is a contemporary sans font inspired by urban typography in Buenos Aires. Perfect for inspiring travellers.


abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789([email protected]#$%&.,?:;)


Our imagery focuses on the social side of going on holiday because we believe it's all about the people you share it with, whether it’s old friends or new.

The best holiday experiences are not scripted. The imagery we use reflects real experiences, and where possible, we use images from our own customers' trips.

Each image should evoke an experience and develop a story. Images should feel light, sunny and colourful, and create a sense of adventure and excitement.