A step by step guide to making the most of the packed app

If you haven’t already, start by downloading our app in the App Store or the Play store.


When you’ve signed up, create a trip (or join one you’ve been invited to by a friend).

MySwft group trip planner app welcome screen

Give the trip a name and add an image if you like. You can also add a short description for people to find when they arrive.

Choose destinations

Enter one or enter many & get the group's opinion.

MySwft group trip planner app destination poll setup screen

Choose a destination from the drop down or add whatever you like. And as the organiser, you have optional control over the group’s voting habits - decide if people can only vote once, whether they can add their own suggestions, or make it anonymous.

Choose dates

Use the date picker to select all the dates that you can make to give friends as much choice as possible.

MySwft group trip planner app date picker poll setup screen

Choose budget

This is optional, but if you’re concerned about trip spending, it's your chance to ask what your friends are willing to stretch to. (This can be quite a good one to make voting anonymous).

MySwft group trip planner app budget picker poll set up screen

Anything else that matters?

We’ve pre-populated some common ones but feel free to use your imagination (stag planners, go wild).

MySwft group trip planner app other poll setup homescreen

Need any important details?

This bit lets you request important stuff like dietary requirements, dates of birth or full names as they appear on passports. Pretty handy when you get to booking.

MySwft group trip planner app important travel details request screen

Get the party started

After that, you’re all set up, so get your friends involved…

MySwft group trip planner app invite screen

...before casting your own votes.

MySwft group trip planner app vote casting screens

Trip home screen

Get back to the trip page to track everyone’s votes & get chatting about your trip. Tap "friends" to see who's in 🥳 , and who's staying behind 💩

MySwft group trip planner app group holiday homescreen and group chat screens

And when you’ve narrowed down your options, scroll to the bottom for some handy holiday suggestions.

MySwft group trip planner app holiday recommendations screens

Hit the toggle at the top to edit the trip, mute notifications or to share your details with the organiser (in this case, probably you). When you’ve added them once, they’ll be saved to your profile and you can add to any future trips with just one tap 😎

MySwft group trip planner app share travel details screen

Hit the back button in the top left to get to your home screen, find your profile & turn on WhatsApp notifications 👊

MySwft Group trip planner home screens and profile screens

And keep an eye on your influence score people 😉

For more on why we built the app, check this out. May all your group holidays happen 👊