A well-organised stag weekend is a brilliant occasion. One that brings all the lads together. And while planning a stag can be hassle, if you’re the man in charge you’re going to smash it because we are here to help. Consider us your wingman, here to help point you in the direction of the best activities in the ultimate stag destinations, right across the continent.

Here’s a list of the best stag activities to keep you and the rest of the lads fully entertained wherever your stag may be.

Some of the classics:

Go karting

You can’t go wrong with this one, even if you’re driving skills are more Mr Bean than Ayrton Senna. You can find a track, indoor or out, in pretty much any European stag weekend destination.

The thrill of beating your mates around the track and fulfilling all your boy-racer dreams is a cracking way to break up the boozing.

Bubble football

Ever dreamed of being inside an inflatable bubble while playing football? Me neither, but it’s great fun. This is another activity that’ll have you and your mates in stitches while being readily available at most stag destinations.

From as little as £25 per person you will get venue hire, bubble suits, footballs and a referee. Everything you need to bubble bash your way to victory.


This is your perfect opportunity to prove once and for all that you are, indeed, the man. Gear up and get going on a paint-balling extravaganza with all your mates.

You’ll find great paint-balling experiences across Europe but if you’re staying at home for your stag do then relax, Britain does it best.

Beer bikes

Cycling holidays don’t have to be hard work. Take your group on a chilled ride through the centre of some of Europe’s most beautiful cities while supping on a cold one.

This is a great group activity as up to 18 riders sit around a central bar with a canopy for shade and music to entertain. With 10 of you peddling it is not exactly hard work plus sightseeing without having to leave you seat…you know it makes sense!

The stich-ups:

Roly-poly stripper

If the ground appears to be vibrating and the sound of thunders seems to be getting louder fear not, it is probably just the stags latest strip tease entering the stage.

The old adage ‘good things come in small packages’ may need reworking somewhat as these ladies are on the large side, shall we say. They don’t so much dance as wobble and you and your mates will have a right laugh watching the stag squirm while he is both embarrassed and humiliated, as tradition dictates.

Budapest is a popular destination for this larger than life experience.

Oil wresting

Are you ready for a wet and wild time? No we are not talking about a water ride. Whisk yourself away to Berlin for a bit of oil wresting as scantily clad females are waiting to grease up your motor.

Surprise the stag as he is thrown into the ring where some nicely oiled up ladies are ready to pounce. Humiliate the main man as he slips, slides and collides in a grease pit experience he will never forget.


Heading to Eastern Europe? This hoax is guaranteed to give the stag the fright of his life. Arrange a hilarious mock kidnap making sure that only a few in the group are ‘in the know’.

Choose a number of different scenarios from fake imprisonment, mock stop and search or a surprise striptease. Your ‘abductors’ will be only too happy to give your stag and experience he will never forget.

Dog attack

This ones not for the feint hearted. Heading to Poland, test the stags manhood by getting him kitted up in full protective gear to face the full force of some seriously fierce attack dogs. Will he get away before they latch on? Kudos if he does.

For adventure:


The trips packed was founded on. There are few better ways to celebrate your stag-ship than spending a long weekend on the slopes. Sun, snow and lots of soft cheese, all consumed with a beautiful backdrop. Go and get amongst it.

White water rafting

Test your friendship to the hilt by taking your mates on a white water rafting adventure in Wales and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush. Conquer the power of the rushing river to regale your friends and family with tales of how you overcame Mother Nature (or man’s equivalent…).

Quad biking

If your stag is a bit of a motor head then why not jumps on the quad trail and churn some serious dirt. Like go karting, this is a great group activity with a fun, competitive edge.

Quad biking is available in locations right across Europe so this could be an active add-on for any stag do.

Shoot an AK

Let off some steam by heading to Prague and getting on the shooting range. Fire off 40 rounds from an AK-47 and give the stag do some explosive memories. See who can hit the most targets to give this activity a competitive edge.


Fancy life in the fast lane? Head to Riga and get the stag to lead you downhill in a bobsleigh for some cool runnings fun! Nothing bonds a group of lads like hurtling down an icy chute at 90 m/ph.

For booziness:

Boat party

For something a bit out of left field why not hop on a boat for your stag do and set sail into the sunset while enjoying a few drinks with you mates. Available from London to Ibiza via sunny Marbs, you are bound to find the perfect boat party to suit your group while chilling on the open ocean.

Beer crawls

The good old fashion pub crawl never gets old. Head to any top European destination and enjoy a knees up with the lads, in any number local drinking establishments. You might want to call a taxi to get you back to the hotel though as crawls can get hilariously out of hand.

Clubber’s paradise

No stag do is complete without a bit of clubbing just make sure the stag is not completely legless before he gets on the dance floor. Europe has several hot spots to suit every taste such as London, Ibiza or Berlin but wherever you decide to go for your stag do you’ll find some great clubs. Get your groove on and get on the dance-floor for a truly memorable time.

For tasting:

Port tasting

For the discernible stag why not head to Lisbon and taste their finest ports or perhaps head to Porto where experiencing what their port cellars have to offer is almost mandatory. Put a little class in your glass for an evening of socialising, laughter and fun.

Vodka tasting

Experience Eastern Europe’s most famous export by taking the group on a Vodka tasting adventure in Krakow. Whatever your poison, this is a great experience for those that like their spirits a little whiter than white.

Whisky tasting

There is no better place to enjoy a glass of whisky than bonny Scotland. Your stag can enjoy experiencing some of the finest malts around, all in a relaxed, chilled environment. This will be any whisky connoisseur’s idea of heaven.

What are you waiting for?

There has never been such a plethora of great activities to keep all the lads engaged on a stag do in Europe. You can literally do anything and with entertainment around every corner. If the list above has given you some inspiration, brilliant!

Whatever takes your fancy just drop us a line in WhatsApp or Messenger and we’ll get it sorted. Hit us up below and start the journey for a stag do you’ll never forget.