Salvation from the serial setter upper, (number 1 on our list of the 10 people you find in every WhatsApp group).

In one of the most considerate moves from a tech giant in living memory, WhatsApp has today released a feature letting you decide whether to let people add you to WhatsApp group chats.

Heroes, every one of them.

So how do you take advantage?

You need to update your app, which you can right now. Then go to Settings (bottom right of the screen) - Account - Privacy - Groups

Who can add me to groups?

WhatsApp is giving you three permission levels to choose from. The first and the default position is that everyone can. Which is pretty straight forward.

Second on the list is “My Contacts” which means anyone in your contact book is allowed to add you to WhatsApp groups (on a bloody whim, am I right?).

The third option is the funniest. “My Contacts Except…” which basically means you get to choose who can categorically NOT add you to any WhatsApp groups.

You know exactly who you have in mind don’t you.