The average UK consumer visits 38 travel sites in the build-up to booking a holiday online - who has time for that?

As long-standing friends since our days at Durham University, all in busy city jobs, Jasper, Pete and I (Tom) shared an instinctive belief that there had to be a better way to book holidays. The idea for My Swft was born from the frustrations of trying to book a group holiday together; we were working long hours, chatting over WhatsApp and trawling through endless travel sites between work calls and meetings. With popular price comparison sites each now offering up to one million hotels on a single site but with no advice or human touch points, how do you make a decision?

What happened to human interaction and advice when booking holidays?

Today’s traveller doesn’t want to visit a high street travel agent and we don’t know anyone who likes calling a business. We want to speak to companies the way that we speak to our friends – on-the-go, on our favourite mobile apps.More than this, we love to travel and we’re passionate about its emotional and personal appeal. We could have built a sub-standard chat bot, which we will all see more of in the coming years, but we wanted to build a company which fellow travel-lovers could identify with. So we are putting the human touch back into travel, using two of our favourite apps, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. After all, over the months of planning and building this company, we sent each other a staggering 28,407 WhatsApp messages).The aim of My Swft is to take the pain out of booking great holidays for people that are just like us – living manic working lives while wanting to make the most of their time off. We launch with ski holidays and have teamed up with some of the world’s best ski holiday providers to ensure that we can give you the perfect holiday at the best price on the market.

City and sun holidays will follow in the coming months.

So what are you waiting for? Talk to your free travel concierge on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and let us do the legwork in finding and booking your next getaway. It couldn’t be easier, we are only a tap away…