Welcome to the Starting Conversations blog. Here we’ll be having ‘Swft’ (sorry) and hopefully engaging conversations with a range of interesting characters on various subjects. OK, mainly travel-related subjects but who knows what might sneak in.

To kick things off, I really am very proud to be introducing our first crowdfunding partner: Chilly’s Bottles. Designed and developed in London, our early contributor club will be sporting these beautifully designed and eco-friendly reusable bottles in the not-too-distant, and we were lucky enough to catch up with a member of their founding team.

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MS: Chilly's Bottles. These are pretty great! Do you mind telling us a bit about how this came about?

Chilly's was founded by my business partner James in 2010 with the idea to enable people to always have a cold drink with them when they were on the go without having to resort to buying an expensive and disposable plastic bottle.

MS: Honourable stuff. Any top tips for a fellow founder on starting out?

I think the two things I'd say to people are:

1 - at the start, try and do as much as you can yourself. You'll be surprised at how much just a couple of people can achieve. This will ensure that you truly learn your industry inside out and help keep your business lean and costs low during your initial growth phase

2 - concentrate on getting your core offering as good as it can be before looking to diversify into other products. This will ensure you have a really solid base from which you can then grow and expand the company and your offering.

MS: Noted. We are striving to do exactly that and it's awfully tiring! Back to the product, presumably you take your own Chilly's bottle with you on holiday. Why are they so great to travel with?

I do, it comes with me everywhere! They're fantastic for travelling, you can take them empty through airport security and have cold water on your flight. You can also sit around all day on a beach without your water getting warm, and survive a whole holiday without having to revert to buying plastic water bottles.

MS: What's the most ludicrous place you've seen a Chilly's Bottle in?

I think probably on a glacier in Greenland, that was pretty crazy to see. We've recently been told that George Ezra has started taking his Chilly's Bottle on stage with him as well which is cool to think about.

MS: That’s really cool. We haven’t had any celebs take a My Swft Holiday just yet but watch this space! OK, final question: If you could travel with anyone, anywhere, who would you take and where would you go?

I think I'd probably want to travel around California with Elon Musk. I love what he's doing with regards to electric cars and renewable energy, and he certainly knows a thing or two about growing a company. If you need bottles for the Mars trip, give us a shout!

MS: And when you’re ready to bring space travel time-poor young professionals looking to make the most of the free time they do have, give us a shout too!

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