About 25 years ago our family of two adults and three young children visited this sleepy Spanish town called Moraira, and it became an annual mecca where precious memories were made. We thought it would be a great place to revisit and had all the criteria ticked for our multi generational holiday.

Throwback to family holiday in Moraira Town

I started to trawl through the websites with villas in Moraira only to find this highly time consuming and slightly frustrating. What made it worse was my 88 year old mother regularly enquiring about whether the holiday was booked! Pressure was on.

A happy Mother in Moraira

We wanted to plan a week's holiday in Moraira but with 3 different generations in tow - the youngest being 27 and the eldest 88 years- it was beginning to turn into a headache. I voiced my concerns and fortunately my daughter recommended I try this online travel agency she had heard about. I am by no means a complete Luddite with the internet and can use my trusted PC and Facebook account. However, the idea of using Facebook Messenger to engage the services of a travel agent appeared to be too good to be true but hey ho let's give it a try, I thought.

So, I got in touch with My Swft on Facebook Messenger and took my first tentative step. Pete from My Swft immediately galvanised me into action by asking for our brief - budget, approximate location and what we felt was essential with our villa hire.

The essentials...

Bearing in mind I had spent quite a long time previously going through possible villas I was indeed very excited when I received a link via Facebook Messenger 24 hours later which included 5 villa options, airline and car hire possibilities. I was very pleased with the clear and concise style in communicating the information and it was easy to circulate the Information that My Swft had sent to rest of my group.

Much to my daughter's embarrassment, I did actually pick up the phone to speak to Pete - just so I knew it wasn't all a fake website and couldn't have been more relieved to hear the dulcet tones of a very well versed travel expert on the other end.

Completing our passport details and supplying the essential booking details was really straightforward and even my 88 year old Mum completed this online. An invoice was issued in due course and nothing was too much trouble.

We found My Swft could also give us restaurant suggestions - we tried Pete's favourite restaurant El Chamizo which is perched on the water’s edge and enjoyed a traditional Paella here. They also have a sister restaurant located close by called Masia Sant Jaume which is also worth a visit. For a G&T with a view, Pete recommended Algas which has an extensive gin menu to work your way through.

Homemade Paella at El Chamizo

Pete also said to try a smaller beach around from the main Moraira beach called El Portet which I did remember from previous holidays. A long esplanade looks out to this small compact bay and was absolutely idyllic - not much has changed here from 25 years ago. Another suggestion was to walk up to the tower overlooking El Portet to capture a panoramic view of Moraira.

The view of El Portet

They say it's never a good idea to return to that perfect holiday place but it worked for us. Would we use My Swft again? You bet!