Who are Seedrs?

Seedrs enable investors of all kinds (even you and me!) to invest in businesses they believe in and share in their success. In doing so, they enable growth-focused businesses to raise capital while building a community in the process.

Over the past few years, they’ve grown into a big player at the forefront of the crowdfunding wave and in the Autumn of 2018, to reward the team for their effort, Chief Legal Officer Karen Kerrigan assumed responsibility for organising a team ski weekend.

The entire company was offered the chance to join the trip that would be part subsidised by the business and would see everyone down tools for a couple of days and head out to the slopes.

The challenge

As a board member in a tech startup, Karen is obviously busy. Searching for hotels that will accommodate up to 30 people for a short-break ski weekend, coupled with organising flights, transfers, lift passes and equipment hire is a job that takes more than 20mins of a lunch break.

Not all hotels will accept groups for less than a week. Some resorts are over 3 hours from the airport on the other side, which makes them a pain in the ass for ski weekends. And when an option is found, you then have to work out who’s in and then manage the individual requirements and often separate payments of everyone in the group.

The solution

A member of the team at Seedrs had heard of packed and suggested giving us a go. Karen got in touch over WhatsApp,  mentioning the referral and asking for help.

We began with a quick phone call to work out the basics:

  • Which weekend works best for the team?
  • How many nights?
  • What time should they fly?
  • Which resorts sound appealing?
  • What kind of accommodation & board make sense?
  • What’s a sensible room configuration (shotgun not sharing with the boss 🥺)?
  • Budget?

We worked out a shortlist of 3 weekends, decided on a Thursday morning flight out, returning Sunday, and agreed that Cournayeur, Chamonix or Morzine were the best bets. Budget was around £500pp.

The next day, Karen received a link in WhatsApp with a list of options suitable for the group. The packages were all priced on a per person basis (as requested) and included flights, transfers and accommodation, with indicative pricing for extras like lift passes and equipment included.

After consulting with senior management, Hotel Berthod in Courmayeur was chosen for three nights from Thursday to Sunday in January. Deposits were taken from each person separately, alongside a subsidy from the company, and the flights, transfers and hotel rooms were booked!

Nearer the time, everyone was able to choose their own extras (some went for the top end skis, others the beginner versions, and in some cases whole new group members were added to the trip and accommodated) and final balances were paid 8 weeks before take-off. Group members spoke to packed directly about their specific requirements, saving Karen the admin of handling everyone’s requests individually.

What did she think?

"Used for a 27 person work ski trip. Jasper and the packed guys really were exceptional - quick to reply (I don't usually get a chance to check emails until at least the end of the day so a WhatsApp service was awesome), presented a variety of options, worked within our budget, and were super accommodating and helpful when we threw spanners in the works such as adding people, changing round rooms, people doing one leg of a journey, subsidised payments. Were also attentive and on call throughout the trip. I hate travel logistics and this really took the sting out of it! Would definitely recommend." (via Google Reviews)

Ultimately, the whole team disappeared for a weekend of skiing together with a minimum of fuss. Logistics were smooth, details managed and we were always available instantly in WhatsApp, Messenger or over the phone.

The trick lies in our organisation, our use of technology to make group bookings convenient and clear, and in our knowledge of ski holidays for groups. Karen and the team enjoyed communicating with us in chat, on-the-go and on their terms and a number of the group even came back and booked holidays for their friends too!