Meet the organiser: Henry

Henry’s in his mid-twenties, runs his own business and lives in London.

Last year, he got in touch with audacious plans to take a big group of friends from university away on a ski weekend. The remit was broad but clear:

  • 36 people
  • Fun resort
  • Place to sleep

The challenge: a group ski holiday to remember

It was clear from the beginning that Henry still had some work to do convincing 36 hard-working young professionals to get their proverbials into gear and all agree on a fixed date and plan. But he was bold and confident he’d get the numbers. He just needed some good options to present to the group.

He also needed somewhere that would take a group of this size for a ski weekend. With so much of the ski industry geared towards taking visitors for the full week, a majority of accommodation providers simply won’t entertain short break trips, and it becomes even more difficult to persuade them to take groups of this size.

The risk for them is that their hotel, chalet or apartment sits largely empty for the other half of the week. For an industry that comes to life for four, sometimes only three months of the year, it’s easy to appreciate their reluctance. The result is that Henry would be making a lot of phone calls, sending a lot of emails and kissing a lot of frogs before he found somewhere willing to take the group.

The other consideration is the length of the transfer. You don’t want a 3hour plus transfer if you’re only skiing for three or four days.

The solution: tailored recommendations

Henry got chatting to his packed planner via Facebook Messenger and laid it all out. He was excited and we were keen to help him make this trip happen.

First, we advised Henry on his options, narrowing the resorts down to focus our search and gauge his interest in certain areas right at the beginning. Austria was a clear preference and we found there were some great value flights to Salzburg from Gatwick for the dates we’d been given.

The team set to work, and within a day we provided Henry with three options to consider, all within budget and priced on a per person basis - including flights, transfers, accommodation and guide prices on extras - so he could give the group a clear picture.

The booking:  made easy with payment splitting

By the end of the week, Henry was back in touch and the group had settled on a superb chalet-style hotel in Saalbach that they would be taking sole occupancy of for their five-night stay. Too good an opportunity to miss.

This was early September and the trip wasn’t happening until late March and the group were keen to spread the cost of the trip as much as possible. We were happy to accommodate so we took deposits and agreed to take the final balance in two separate instalments over the course of 6 months.

Everyone was invited to pay separately, so Henry wasn’t left chasing 35 pals for reimbursement, three times.

So how did it go?

Pretty well we think. Here’s Henry to offer his views:

Our goal is to help you spend more time with your favourite people. We do this by finding you great options and then making it easy and hassle-free for everyone to book. Planning a great group holiday can be hard work but the rewards have been worth it.

Now we hope it’s a no-brainer!