Travel is changing. In today’s fast-paced world, too much precious time is wasted trying to negotiate an overcrowded online travel space. And we believe My Swft offers the solution.

For the benefit of the 21st century traveller, we are cleverly (in our opinion...) combining new technology with a human touch missing from today’s travel booking process, helping to create great holiday experiences for our customers without the hours spent searching online.

We’re growing quickly, but we’re only just getting started.

We really need your help to raise funds, through our crowdfunding campaign, so we can invest in our innovative, chat-based travel booking software and give the service we provide a serious upgrade...

We promise that every contributor will save time, money and hassle every time they travel and we’re also throwing in some pretty spectacular travel giveaways to sweeten the deal!

What is My Swft, again?

Five years ago, the personal chauffeur was the reserve of the rich and famous, then Uber arrived, and everyone suddenly had a personal driver at the tip of their fingers. My Swft is your free travel concierge available on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and we provide the same service for travel.

Crafty camera work from resident Videographer @mkumiegavWe founded My Swft in early 2017 following a frustrating experience we had trying to book a group holiday together. Like too many others we were stuck trawling through travel sites in our respective offices, squeezed by busy professional schedules, looking over our shoulders to check the boss wasn’t watching.

Probably sounds familiar.

Throughout the search, we chatted to each other on WhatsApp, determinedly passing the buck of responsibility for making the decision on where to go.

Pete: “Just make a decision Tom.”

Tom: “Can someone else please decide this time, I’m busy.”

Jasper: “You’re the best at this stuff Tom, you do it.”

It went on. It wasn’t quite so polite.

It occurred to us that if this was how we found it easiest to communicate with each other, why couldn’t we just do this with a business?

So why is it so important?

Planning a holiday should be fun and exciting, but it often tends to be more stressful and time-consuming than it needs to be. If you can believe it, the average person visits 38 travel sites in the build up to booking a holiday (official stat!¹), spending a staggering 10 to 30 hours trying to get it right.

At the top end, that’s almost a whole working week!

Ironically, the amount of time it takes to book a holiday has increased since the demise of the high-street travel agent. And with many of today’s major travel sites offering over a million hotels each, there’s too much choice and not enough human interaction in what should be a very personal experience.

With My Swft we’re putting advice and human interaction back into the holiday planning and booking process. Our travel experts listen to your needs and present a selection of options, tailored to you, and you don’t pay a penny for the service.

Co-Founder, Tom Pain, well outside his comfort zone!This form of chat-based commerce is new to the UK, but its already huge in Asia. WeChat in China for example (WhatsApp’s beefed up Asian-equivalent), is used not just for messaging but to make all manner of purchases (into the £billions in 2017), and My Swft signals the natural onset of chat-based commerce in the UK.

So why the crowdfund?

Put simply, it really could be game-changing.

The process we go through to present you with great options isn’t yet fully automated. Any holiday booked through My Swft will always be planned by a real person, but at the moment, putting the suggestions together just takes too long (a couple of hours) and we want it to be much faster (20 minutes).

Almost exactly a year ago we started to plan My Swft - this was our very first meeting with our branding expert @Hannah_Neenan. We’ve come a long way in such a short space of time!We really need your help so we can get our experts spending more time researching the best holiday for you, and less time making the quotes look pretty. (Although they’ll stay pretty!)