Meet the organiser: Tom

Tom’s an Aussie living (and working pretty hard) in London.

In the summer of 2019, he was given the honour of best man to his best mate and with that, tasked with organising a stag weekend to remember.

The groom was keen for somewhere in Eastern Europe, but he wanted avoid the two classics in Prague and Budapest. Bucharest was high on the list.

A handsome group of 25 to manage, feeling a bit of pressure, he came to packed in search of a helping hand.

The challenge: a stag weekend to remember (for all the right reasons)

As a self-proclaimed control freak, Tom’s often signs up to make things happen, so he's aware of the challenges involved in planning a trip for a big group, and how much time and energy the responsibility consumes.

When you’re best man, like anyone taking the lead on a group trip, you spend a lot of time (or working hours 🧐 ) researching a destination, finding a place to stay, working out which flights to book, all while bearing in mind everyone's work commitments.

When it comes to international stags, when you’re away for two or three nights, you ideally want everyone on the same flight, which for a group of 25, is no mean feat. There’s always the risk that seats run out or the price of a ticket becomes prohibitively expensive for those who book last.

It’s also a faff gathering everyone’s details so that your man Ed (“Edmund apparently!?”) isn’t turned away at the gate.

The most common solution is to take the hit on a credit card and book everything on behalf of the group. But that leaves you chasing friends (or people you may not know that well) to pay you back, which is awkward and can leave you out of pocket for weeks.

Most importantly, you need to keep everyone entertained while they’re away.

And when stag season hits, you’re up against a load of other stag weekends, so you want yours to be something special.

We were ready to save Tom some hassle, lend some reassurance, and make him a hero amongst men.

The solution: packed, your partner in crime

When Tom spoke to us, it quickly became clear that Bucharest, in Romania, was the preferred option. So we zeroed in.

First up we checked with Tom whether everyone would be taking any days off work - the group was split, with the majority taking Friday off, and a handful only able to fly on Saturday.

We lined up the best flights, told Tom the prices, and worked towards including transfers, accommodation and any extracurriculars stag-activities within the budget we’d been given.

The team got to work and presented a handful of accommodation options. Some were closer to town, others further out, but in the end the group settled on a hotel within easy walking distance of the old town.

Then in terms of entertainment, the remit was broad but it included local food, a local football match, lots of beer and some out of town, on your feet activities. We included an array of options for Tom to consider there, too.

The booking: easy separate payments

With flight prices and room availability always subject to change, they need locking down first and after some deliberation, we settled on Hotel Parliament near the Old Town. They’d be arriving late on Friday and wanted easy access to the nightlife.

Tom received a booking link which he passed on so everyone could sign themselves up and pay their deposits. This saved him the trouble of paying for everyone upfront, as well as the hassle of gathering everyone’s details, and he could keep track of progress on his dedicated group leader page.

When all the deposits were in, we booked their flights and secured the hotel rooms.

A slight hiccup, handled

Unfortunately, Ryanair changed the scheduled outbound flight to much later on Friday evening, which would have meant missing out on the first night in town.

We let Tom know and pointed out that we could request a full refund from Ryanair and book an alternative with Wizzair that left at a similar time. All of this was handled on Tom’s behalf.

With the flights and accommodation locked down, Tom and the packed team could focus their attention on an itinerary of activities that would live long in the memory.

We arranged tickets to a local game, a local dinner on both evenings and some paint-balling on Saturday. We also secured them a table at two of the best night clubs in the city, to cap each night of their trip.

So how did it go?

The feedback was unanimous. But don’t take our word for it:

Stag responsibilities of your own to manage? Drop us a line here.