You’re elated to receive the honorary role of best-man, but with such joy comes the daunting responsibility of planning a stag do for a group of beer-thirsty, sun-hungry lads. Your first thought might be: What are the best stag do destinations in Europe?

We’ve delved into 12 of the best for you to peruse. We shed light on the flight-length and cost of travel from London, the type of accommodation on offer, activities available and the all-important price of a pint.

If you're still not sure which ones for you, use this app to get everyone voting on destination, dates, budget and anything else you need people's opinion on (stag outfits and punishments for example). You'll be able to request everyone's travel details (fad diets and passport details) at the tap of a button too, saving you a tonne of hassle later.


The essentials:

·   Pints - £1.25
·   Return flights - £40-£75
·   Duration - 2h 25

If you’re looking for a place to stretch your hard-earned cash, look no further than Krakow for the ideal European stag weekend.

Aim to stay in the central district of the Old; it’s a brilliant location and most of the hotels and apartments come to and equally wallet-friendly £35ish a night for a double room.

Activity-wise, the Krakow Shooting Academy’s could have your name on it. What says ‘stag do’ more than shooting live rounds with your mates? Oh, and if you’re feeling extravagant, they can arrange to pick you up in a limousine.

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The essentials:

·   Pints - £1.20
·   Return flights - £70-£80
·   Duration - 1h 55

Ah Prague. Delicious beer, baroque architecture, and the largest nightclub in central Europe. The Czech capital is a seriously stag-friendly city, offering an abundance of large apartments and group-friendly hotels. From accommodation that sleeps four, all the way up to those that can house 40 – it’s an ideal place whatever your party size.

There are a wealth of pubs and nightclubs to choose and you can spend your weekend drinking in beer gardens in Wenceslas Square, taking part in some bubble football and go-karting, or embarking on booze cruises up the Vltava River, before finishing the night at Karlovy Lazne nightclub where you’ll find five floors of musical chaos.

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The essentials:

·   Pints - £1.20
·   Return flights - £70-110
·   Duration - 2h 30

While Budapest remains one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world, it’s also a prime stag do destination. Sink pints in some of the many ‘ruin’ bars dotted around the city. Renowned for their derelict shabby-chic style and vibrant party atmosphere, these are a staple of the Hungarian capital.

Sweat out the previous night’s units with a swim in Szechenyi Thermal Baths before spending a day stumbling around the 6th and 7th district, where you’ll find most of the nightlife and affordable hotel accommodation.

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The essentials:

·   Pints - £1.30
·   Return flights - £100-£110
·   Duration - 3h 10

Heading over to south-eastern Europe, the capital city of Romania boasts some of the craziest, most enjoyable activities going. Bubble football is a popular one; wreak havoc on an indoor football pitch by charging head first into your pals; there’s no pain either, apparently...

The large apartments on offer make Bucharest a serious competitor in the stag do market. For example, an eight bedroom apartment will cost you anywhere from £200 to £800 between the whole group – and that’s for two nights!

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The essentials:

·   Pints - £3.40
·   Return flights - £70-£90
·   Duration - 2h 15

If you’re looking for a warmer, more luxurious stag do, then Barcelona is hard to pass up on. Book a bbq boat cruise for you and up to 17 other passengers on the crisp, clear water alongside the Spanish city. Or, if you’re a group of football fans, you could always organise a tour around the Nou Camp.

Stay close to the Gracia district, which is filled with some of the best clubs and bars the city has to offer. You’ll be looking at around £110 a night to stay in a chic, fashionable hotel close to all the action.

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The essentials:

·   Pints - £2.54
·   Return flights - £50-£80
·   Duration - 1h 30

An extremely popular destination for groups of lads, Hamburg is known for its stylish bars, restaurants and hotels and the infamous Reeperbahn district. Notorious for its wild nightlife, adult shows, and alcohol-fuelled pub crawls, the Reeperbahn is Hamburg’s tailor-made stag do district.

If you’re the competitive sort, head on over to Glow Golf; don your 3D classes and attempt to hit some crazy trick shots in this black lit, 18-hole, indoor golf course.

Or if you’d rather explore the city, hire out a horse-drawn beer coach kitted out with 20 litres of the stuff, along with your very own personal guide.

From Sternschanze to the Reeperbahn, Hamburg has it all. Find out why.


The essentials:

·   Pints - £2.44
·   Return flights - £80
·   Duration - 2h

Germany’s capital, Berlin offers something of a cultural experience for the hipster lads looking for a contemporary stag do weekend. A generation ago the wall fell, and since then Berlin has become a firm party destination for stag dos from all across Europe.

Dress codes don’t really mean anything here. Put on something casual and embark on a night out that could easily run into the next day.

Mitte or Friedrichshain? Tresor or Hofbräuhaus? Whatever your style, Berlin has something to offer.

packed customers weather a stormy hangover with a few cold ones by the canal

Hostels, hotels and apartments abound in the Mitte district , all good value in the eyes of British travellers. For a three to four-star stylish, contemporary hotel, you’ll be looking at anywhere between £180-£280 for two nights in a double room.


The essentials:

·   Pints - £5
·   Return flights - £60-£80
·   Duration - 1h

Amsterdam is the perfect stag weekend destination. Fun, free spirited and actually one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Red Light district, worth a visit whatever your inclination, is home to a range of bars, clubs and coffee shops that surround the famous glowing windows that the city is renowned for.

Rent bikes and cruise along the canals that weave through the flat-lying Dutch capital, stopping at the one of the many brown bars for beers served by down-to-earth locals. The Heineken experience is worth a nod on a hangover, for a peek behind the curtain of Amsterdam’s favourite beer. There’s something in the Dutch water that makes it taste so much better.

There are a plethora of hotels and hostels dotted around the place that will give you exceptional bang for your buck, and perfect for stag groups looking to save both time and money. They’re spacious, clean and walking distance from watering holes aplenty - what else do you need?

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The essentials:

·   Pints - £2
·   Return flights - £115
·   Duration - 2h 50

Take a trip around Portugal’s gothic capital on a guided Segway tour. Ninety minutes of whizzing around the cobbled city should cover most of the cultural bases and then it’s time for a few pastel de nata and beers in the sunset. For the more sophisticated, you could always try port tasting; there are plenty of renowned spots for this dotted around the city.

Choose from two, three and four-star hotels, or if you think that’s a little segregative, choose from massive apartments that can accommodate groups of up to 40.

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The essentials:

·   Pints - £5.30
·   Return flights - £48
·   Duration - 1h 20

Along with the fantastic locals, Dublin is known for its pubs, so if you’re the type who’d rather sit and drink in a traditional establishment, then Dublin is the ideal destination.

Stay in a hotel or apartment located within walking distance to the bustling, riverside area of Temple Bar. To give you an idea of prices, a large apartment able to house ten will cost anywhere from £1200 to £2000 for two nights.

Give the lads some local culture with a visit to the Guinness Brewery tour. See the history of the famous brewery, learn how to pour the perfect pint and end on a free one at Gravity Bar while you soak in the stunning views of the city.

Find out where to stay in Dublin and how best to spend your time.


The essentials:

·   Pints - £1.60
·   Return flights - £110
·   Duration - 2h 55

If the famed weather of the Algarve has piqued your interest then make sure to book your hotel close to ‘The Strip’, which is filled with themed bars and clubs. It’s a stupendous party place, with other like-minded people coming together to drink all night long.

Luckily the strip is very close to the beach, so in the day you’ll be able to indulge in the vast array of water sports that are available. Choose from water skiing, para-sailing, Ringo-riding and wake-boarding!

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The essentials:

·   Pints - £2.20
·   Return flights - £102
·   Duration - 2h 40

The Latvian capital was founded all the way back in 1201 and was used by the Vikings as an important trade route to the east. These days, the cultural metropolis of Riga is an up-and-coming stag do destination for lads seeking a weekend of debauchery on the Baltic Coast. Most of the action happens in the Old Town and Livu Square, where you'll find a great selection of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Bobsleighing on wheels is just one of the creative stag do activities available in Riga

There are numerous stag-friendly, highly-rated, three-star and four-star quality hotels and apartments dotted around the city in convenient locations. For example, Rixwell Domus Hotel is minutes away from Cathedral Square where you can experience the city’s hottest nightlife.

While you’re waiting for the night’s antics to roll around, the Retro Rally Treasure Hunt is a must for stag groups. What’s that, I hear you ask? Funky Fiat Pandas, a full tank, a map of the city, driving challenges and prizes for the winning team. Alternatively, go on a guided snowmobile excursion through the Latvian forests. Caution: save the booze for later.

When you’re planning a stag do, there’s a lot to consider and a lot to get right. We hope this list helps in some small way. If you have any questions or you would like to see some package options for your group, get in touch on WhatsApp or Messenger via either of the links below. There’s an efficient, well-drilled and friendly stag planner at the other end ready and waiting.

Struggling to decide between these fine destinations? You could set up a trip using the app and get your boys to vote on their preferences. While you're at it, get them voting on the dates they're available and save you and the rest of them from months of irritating WhatsApp messages. Save those for the stag weekend itself.