If you and your family or friends are stuck for something to do whilst away, there are some great party games that you can play using just your smartphones. Overly competitive friends and many bottles of wine are encouraged.

Heads Up

Available on iOS & Android

If you watch Ellen DeGeneres, you’ve probably heard of Heads Up, and the newly released mobile app means you can now play with friends. Get your mates together for a game of naming celebrities, singing, and silly accents. All you’ve got to do is guess the word on the card that’s on your head from the clues that your friends are giving you. Add a few drinks, maybe some pizza…an apartment overlooking the ocean and you’ve got the ingredients for one hell of a good time.

Logo of mobile app game Heads Up!
Play modern classic Heads Up! on a train, plane or a rainy day

Smule - The Social Singing App

Available on iOS & Android

Instead of renting a karaoke booth, sing songs around the fire or on the terrace (preferably outdoors until this vaccine rocks up). Smule lets you choose from more than 10 million karaoke songs in your favourite genres, across many different languages. Use your mobile as the microphone and hunker down for the perfect pre- or post- night singing session. The app takes no responsibility for next morning embarrassment – that’s on you.

Evil Apples vs. Humanity

Available on iOS & Android

Evil apples vs humanity - another great group holiday app game
For when the kids have gone to bed...

You’ve probably heard of cards against humanity. Well, this is its evil twin. Each game begins with a red card, which has a blank statement that you have to fill. Players choose a white card from their hand, with the best (or funniest) statement to fill in the red card’s blank. Obviously, you’ll probably want to remove the kids and grandmas from the vicinity before you start playing this one. This game app is not for the faint hearted, but it is a great way to start a night out, or just break the ice with your group.

Charades! TM

Available on iOS & Android

This is one of the most popular game apps to play with friends. You’ll get 400 game cards with four charades titles in a wide range of categories. You’ve got to guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends’ clues before you run out of time. This game is a simple classic but somehow never ceases to drum up some entertainment amongst a crowd. Whether it’s a family get together, or a work night out, a game of charades is always a safe bet.


Available on iOS & Android

This chaotic fast paced and (sometimes) stressful card game app on your phone is shouty, fast-paced and so much fun. Your task is to fix your malfunctioning spaceship whilst coordinating with your space team to do it – all before your 5-minute timer runs out! Another great game to break the ice with a group you don’t know yet or if you just want to get to know your mates a little better.


Available on iOS & Android

This one’s a classic for good reason. Buy, sell and scheme your way to fame and fortune. It’s just like the classic board game but on mobile and tablet so instead of rolling the dice, you’ll shake your phone. You’ll get hours of fun with friends and it’s a great way to start or end a day of exploring.

board version of monopoly rather than the monopoly mobile app
No more dodgy banking. This old classic is available on your phone. 

Psych! Outwit Your Friends

Available on iOS & Android

This is the perfect pre-party game app. Choose from a number of categories in which each player makes up fake answers to real trivia questions and your pals will have to guess what's real and what’s not. You're encouraged to lie. Fun! You'll score points for guessing the right answer and also for ‘psyching’ your friends into choosing yours. The perfect game app for playing by the pool or pre-party.

The Truth Comes Out

Available on iOS & Android

From the creators of Heads Up and Psych, comes this hot little number that really tests how well you know your friends and family. Answer funny questions, like "What's the biggest secret Lauren is keeping?" Then you vote for your favourite answers, and score points when yours is chosen. Grab drinks (and/or snacks), take a seat on the sun terrace and play, chat and drink it all in.

Triple Agent!

Available on iOS & Android

logo image of mobile app triple agents - a great group holiday game
Triple Agent! makes for some brilliant after dinner entertainment

Ever fancied yourself as 007? Then Triple Agent! is for you. One by one, each of your mates will be assigned a role as either a member of The Agency or a V.I.R.U.S. double agent. As a double agent you need to sow seeds of doubt about the opposite team and, as a Service agent, you need make sure you don’t reveal anything that the other team can use against you. At the end of the game, each player votes on who to imprison. This is best played in groups of 5 or more – so it’s the perfect app for your group holiday.


Available on iOS & Android

If you’re heading out for a night on the town, spice up pre-drinks with a game of Picolo. It’s simple to play, involves drinking copious amounts – which usually means a pretty good time - and there's no need for any playing cards, so if you forgot to pack them you’re safe. The app provides you with tons of booze-related questions like: ‘Everyone who is currently employed, drink 2 times' or 'Give 2 sips if you've ever eaten cheese’. Bottoms up.